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Cheese Turner

Thanks to our draining systems and cheese turners, you can significantly increase your cheese production with little effort. Optionally, we offer suitable hurdle stacks and salt bath systems.

Features and Options

  • Manual cheese turner

  • Fully automatic cheese turner for a consistent result and minimized waste

  • Size and shape adaptable to batches and cheese size 

  • Separate stacker and stacker for removing the cheese from the

  • Design as a climate cell (climate changer)

BB Wender vollautomatisch 3.jpg
BB Käsereieinrichtung Salzbad.jpg

Salt Bath

  • Quickly reach the core temperature

  • Uniform salting

  • Customized size and design

  • Completely made of V4A stainless steel

Possible options:

  • With salt dissolving tank

  • Supplied with stainless steel crane track

  • Cleaning system for the brine

  • Embedding in the ground


Hurdle Pile

  • Completely made of salt-resistant V4A stainless steel

  • Variant as folding tray racks

  • Different cheese formats

  • Separate transport frame for extra hygiene

  • With sieve mats for ideal draining results

  • With suspension for easy handling with the crane

BB Käsereieinrichtung Salzbad 3.jpg
BB Käsereieinrichtung Stapel
BB Wender vollautomatisch 1.jpg
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