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BB Metall is your partner for clean and hygienic cleaning with CIP systems and cleaning cabins

CIP stations and CIP tanks

The CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) and SIP (Sterilization-in-Place) systems enable cleaning of machines and lines in the dairy and food industry.

The system saves time, water and cleaning products and guarantees a high standard of hygiene.


We manufacture the CIP station in various sizes and designs to ideally meet your space requirements and specifications.


In addition, we also offer CIP tubs or soaking tubs for accessories.

Cleaning Media

The CIP station or cleaning cabin can be adapted to your individual needs.

The following media can be used:

  • Acid

  • Lye

  • Fresh water

  • Steam

  • Rinse water

  • Hot water

  • Foam cleaning

  • Others according to customer requirements

Area of application cleaning cabin

With the BB cleaning cabin you can clean the following equipment

  • Cheese molds

  • Hurdle Pile

  • Equipment in the food industry

  • Board cleaning

  • Industrial dishwasher

  • Crate cleaning

  • Cleaning of carriages

  • Cheese Board Insulation

  • Small parts of machines in contact with food

Alternate finishes

  • Cabin washing system

  • Wash cabin

  • Rack washing machine

  • Dampening cabin

Contact us with your specific application!

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BB Reinigungskabine CIP 3.jpg
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